Why Creative Writing

TBAWP’s Summer Programs are more than just camps. They’re a place to be yourself, be creative, and be imaginative. Our programs aren’t remedial; it’s not about test scores here. It’s about expressing yourself and having fun doing it.

Join us at ICE, FIRE, WIND, EARTH or WATER to find a group of young people just like you: people who love writing.

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“Camp taught me that everyone has something creative in them, and you can take time to let it out.” -Laurel, 15 years old, fives years at I.C.E., first year at W.I.N.D.

“Being able to ask each and every facilitator about my writing was one thing that made me feel great because I got professional feedback!” -Aliciana, 14 years old, first year at I.C.E.

“I.C.E. camp made me feel like I wasn’t a random oddball who loved to write. It helped me feel like I was with my kind of people who would help me improve my writing.” – Shannan, 13 years old, fifth year at I.C.E.

“This camp helped me push myself to write better… [it] made me feel not alone. I love this camp.” -Anna, 11 years old, fourth year at I.C.E.

“The WIND community is so special because Eric has built an environment for writers that is truly encouraging. Writers can feel safe sharing their crazy ideas and worst work and know their peers always have their back. After every meeting, I always feel uplifted and inspired.” -Roan, 19 years old, second year at W.I.N.D.

“From the morning pages to the monologues, I have learned so many more things…I will be back next year to enjoy another summer of I.C.E.” -Shota, 14 years old, third year at I.C.E.

“This camp made me expand my comfort zone.” -Sophia, 10 years old, second year at I.C.E.

“This camp inspired me to write more. I felt happy because I loved the creativity and freedom.” -Avanti, 9 years old, first year at I.C.E.

“Camp made me feel closer to my brother.” -Ayaan, 8 years old, first year at I.C.E.

“Their WIND summer program has taught me more about Creative Writing than any other class I’ve taken. It’s an awesome thing to be a part of and I made great friends and did some awesome work.” -Doreen, 17 years old, first year at W.I.N.D.

“This camp was amazing. I thought when I came it would be like every other camp. It wasn’t.” -Riley, 13 years old, fourth year at I.C.E.

“I enjoyed that we weren’t treated as students, but as writers.” -Cheyenne, 14 years old, one year at I.C.E., first year at W.A.T.E.R.