Facilitators, not counselors

The big difference when attending a TBAWP camp is that your kids aren’t just going to be babysat by some teenager who may or may not teach them how to make a lanyard. All of our youth programs are facilitated solely by TBAWP Teacher Consultants, the best writing teachers in the area. During the year they teach Language Arts and English across the greater Tampa Bay area, teaching K-12 in public and private schools, and, through their involvement with the writing project, dedicate themselves to providing professional development to other teachers.

However, our first rule is simple: camp is not school. You know those moments where the teacher lets that overly professional veneer slip? That moment when genuine learning happens? That moment when that teacher goes off-script, steps out of the box, or tosses the book aside completely? Our camps ARE those moments. Our camps are the best writing teachers turned loose. Buckle up, campers.


Eric Vona, Director of Youth Programs, W.I.N.D. Director

Mari Uscategui, TBAWP CFO, North Tampa I.C.E. Site Director

Freda Abercrombie, F.I.R.E Director

Faye Powell, I.C.E. ESE Site Director

Stacey McGuiness, Trinity I.C.E. Site Director

Amy Brill, Saint Petersburg I.C.E. Site Director

Mara O’Brien, Palm Harbor I.C.E. Site Director