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The Teacher Consultants of the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project are proud to host a range of youth creative writing camps every summer around the Tampa Bay area. These are not remedial summer school camps, but intended to extend and enrich the writing skills obtained during the school year for those talented young writers interested in writing for fun. Typically, these camps are 9am-3pm, Monday-Friday for two weeks with a tuition of $400.

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One thought on “Young Writers

  1. The art of writing can be challenging yet so very rewarding when you’re able to create an impact through your work. At GeekyCon, events that are aimed towards developing writing skills, learning about the common misconceptions young writers go through, and discussing social change through literature have been organized by NY Times Best Selling Author, Melissa Anelli. Guest appearances will be made by authors Malinda Lo, Katie Rain Hill, and Jason Reynolds. More information can be found at!

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