The Rickety Writing Awards


The Sequel to last year’s Risky Writing Awards (where we asked you to take a risk in your writing or write about something risky), this year, TBAWP Youth Programs is giving away THREE FULL SCHOLARSHIPS (one each to an Elementary, Middle and High School student) to any session of I.C.E. or W.A.T.E.R to the students who write about taking the broken, the forgotten, the used and abused, and making it new again… whole again… magnificent again.

Submissions can be in any genre, style or format. You can write a play. You can make a movie. You can write a short story. You can perform a slam. You can write a poem. It can be funny. It can be sad. It can be whatever you want. Just go to apply to the camp of your choice and check “Yes” when it asks if this is a Rickety Writing Award Submission and then make sure your sample writing fits the scholarship prompt.

Want some inspiration? Watch this:

Or read this: “Here’s Hank: Robot On the Loose.