Summer Writing 2020 = Dear Writer

Normally this page would have a list of close to a dozen different Creative Writing camps for all ages taking place around the Tampa Bay Area. Due to the unforeseen circumstances of the Corona Virus, we have regrettably been forced to cancel all our in-person camps for the summer of 2020.

But we spent the last two months coming up with a brand new and very exciting program that we call “Dear Writer.”

This is the idea behind “Dear Writer:” Our young writers have been glued to screens doing e-learning for two months. If we can’t meet in person, the last thing we want to do is meet in google classrooms and be stuck watching webinars. “Dear Writer” isn’t a program like that. “Dear Writer” will reconnect you with the outside world and reignite your love of writing.

For $75 a week, every week this summer you can receive a package in the mail that contains 5 letters, one for each day of the week with instructions for opening up new ideas and possibilities. These packages will also contain unique gifts and objects to help you on your writing journey. While the fun and excitement of “Dear Writer” is all about getting the packages, we still want to connect with each other and it’s still the 21st century! So there will be lots of opportunities to share your writing with your fellow participants, get help from TBAWP TC’s and connect with a writing community (if you’re not too tired to do a little computer-based learning, that is).  Each week will have a unique theme.

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