AHA! Writers – Advanced Institute 2018 with BeaLu Books


TBAWP and BeaLu Books have teamed up to offer the AHA! Writers Advanced Summer Institute. During the AHA! Writers Institute, you will write a 16-page nonfiction leveled reader book to be published by BeaLu Books in their AHA! Reader Collection.

Experienced children’s book authors and editors will lead the institute and work with you as you write your nonfiction leveled reader. While the books will be written for children in grades K-3, teachers/writers from all levels and from all subject areas are invited and encouraged to participate in this unique opportunity.

Come, experience writing a book from start to finish, collaborate with like minds, AND become a published author!

For more information of about costs, book topics, what you will be responsible, and the answers to many other questions, see the FAQs.


 When and where will the AHA Institute meet?

AHA will meet in the College of Education at USF from 9:00 – 4:00, July 16 – July 20.

Can I attend if I haven’t attended a TBAWP Summer Institute (ILI) before?

This opportunity is only open to TCs. Check the TBAWP website for opportunities to participate in ILI at a dramatically reduced rate. If you attend ILI this summer you are welcome to register for the AHA Institute.

How much does the AHA! Writers Institute cost?

The cost for this week long institute is $100. The registration information is located on the TBAWP website. All TCs attending the institute are given a scholarship from BeaLu Books to cover the remainder of the cost of the institute. The scholarship is paid directly to TBAWP and is based on the average writing-for-hire rates for a 16-page leveled reader manuscript.

Will I get to choose the topic I write about?

Yes! You will submit topic your top three choices for topics and then we will work together to select your topic.

What is a Leveled Reader?

Leveled readers are books written to provide just the right amount of supports and challenges to children learning to read. There are many different forms of leveled readers on the market, many of which have a formulaic feel to them. The team at BeaLu Books takes a different approach to our leveled reader collections. Our books are not formulaic. We strive for each book to feel like a stand-alone title, and not part of a reading program. Our goal is to provide leveled readers that engage young readers, while providing them the support and challenges that will help them grow as a reader. If you want to learn more about leveled readers an excellent resource is, Leveled Books: Matching Books to Readers for Effective Teaching, by Iren C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell.

Will I have to write using a controlled vocabulary?

No! And we want you to use writing craft. In fact, we insist you use writing craft. Kelli and Precious will guide you in finding what works for the grade level you are writing for.

Will I have a set word count?

Yes. Word counts are based on the grade level you are writing for. For books in the AHA! Readers collection, the word counts will range from 150-1000 words. (Don’t be fooled. The 150 word book is often the hardest one to write.)

Will I be responsible for the layout of the book, the pictures, and the graphics?

No. Writers are responsible for the title, manuscript (with pagination and descriptions for possible photos, graphics, and illustrations), captions, glossary words, index, author’s bio, and possibly some before or after reading questions. The photos and design work will be done by the design team at BeaLu Books. [A sample manuscript is provided.]

Will I have a contract for my work?

Yes. You will sign a writing-for-hire contract. In writing-for-hire, there are no royalties involved. You are paid to write a specific book for a publisher. In this case, your pay is your scholarship to participate in the AHA! Writers Institute. The publisher holds the rights to the book.

Do I have to complete my manuscript during the institute?

No. You will be given a deadline to have your manuscript delivered to BeaLu Books. Once final manuscripts are turned in, our editors will edit them. If they have any questions or the manuscript needs revisions, they will get back to you. Once the manuscript is approved as final, it goes to our design department. When they have finished a first proof, a PDF of your book will be sent to you for caption writing and review. This is when your writing starts looking like a book!

Can I use a pen name?

Yes. If you want to use a pen name you can. We do ask that all authors provide a picture of themselves to go with their bio in the back of their book. But even here you can get creative, you can use a childhood photo, etc.

What will I need to bring to the institute?

You will want to have a laptop or table that you can access the Internet from and also write on. All manuscripts are submitted electronically as Word documents.


W.A.T.E.R. Youth Camp 2018

Writers And Teachers Engaged in Revision is a new camp to the 2018 season.

This week-long camp will be held at the University of South Florida Education building. In the morning, campers will learn different techniques for that session’s writing theme. In the afternoon, they will receive one-on-one help with their writing from teachers participating in the TBAWP Invitational Summer Institute.

This year’s theme: digital storytelling.

When: June 25-29.

Tuition is $200 per session.

Apply here!

Invitational Leadership Institute 2018 Application

The Tampa Bay Area Writing Project will be hosting its Invitational Leadership Institute at the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus!

The Invitational Leadership Institute will meet for two weeks:

June 18 – June 29, 2018
Monday-Friday, one Saturday in May, (May 19). All dates from 9:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m

Applicants who are selected to participate will have their choice of paying $500 (and not receive graduate credit), or pay for and receive three (3) semester credit hours at the graduate level, approximately $1400 with fees.

Click here to download the application for more details.


Fall Conference 2017

Mark Your Calendars!  The Fall Conference of 2017 will be held on November 4th.



TBAWP Fall Conference Flier

For Session Descriptions, Click the link below.


Interested in donating for our drawings?  TBAWP donor letter 2017



8:00-1:30pm at the College of Education, University of South Florida

Check-in 7:30am

Keynote Speaker 8:00-9:00

Session I 9:10am-10:20am

Session 2 10:30am-11:40am

Session 3 11:50am-1:00pm

Raffle 1:10-1:30

The hands-on format of the sessions enables participants to write together and practice 21st century literacy skills.

The hands-on format of the sessions enables participants to practice 21st century literacy skills.

About the conference

TBAWP Teacher Consultants will share the lessons, materials, and strategies that motivate their students to write and lead to increased academic achievement. Sessions focusing on both elementary and secondary students will be available.

International Leadership Institute 2017

Invitational Leadership Institute


The Tampa Bay Area Writing Project will be hosting our Invitational Leadership Institute (formerly known as our Invitational Summer Institute) 11 Saturdays, from 9:00 – 4:00September 3rd – November 12th at the USF Tampa campus in the College of Education.

This summer will be shorter than usual for teachers, and we are hoping some of you will be able to attend on Saturdays who were not able to attend during the summer.

Please help us spread the word! This is an incredible opportunity for teachers of all grade levels and content areas. If you would like to become a better teaching of writing, join us!


Fellows from ISI 2015

About ILI 2017

Participants will engage in extensive writing experiences and reflect on their own writing, will be acknowledged for their own expertise in the teaching of writing, and will become leaders in the area of writing by conducting in-service presentations. Participants will become members of an elite cadre of Teacher Consultants throughout the nation. TBAWP Application 2017

Teachers from all levels of instruction, elementary through university as well as teachers from across the disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Fellows from ISI 2013

Application process

Send completed applications to pdaniel@usf.edu. Promising applicants will be asked to participate in a face to face interview.  Up to 18 teachers are selected to take part in the Leadership Institute.

Applications for the Institute must be postmarked by 

Download Application Here:   TBAWP Application 2017

Fellows from ISI 2011

ISI in the news

ISI 2012 was featured on the Tampa Bay Newswire.