Where I’m From

by Patricia Tuzzolino
inspired by Mari Aviles’ demo-lesson

I am from stereotypical game shows,
    from the Price is Right in the morning and Wheel of Fortune at night.
I am from the flat, green fields of my grandparent’s 100 year old home.
I am from the cardinals chirping at daylight,
    the citrus- honey scent of magnolias outside my window.

I am from the Brut aftershave Powpa would wear,
from green eyes that sometimes look blue.
I am from the short tempered attitudes and dramatic eyerolls.
From “don’t let the wampus cat get you” to “I love you a bushel and a peck”
    the sweet southern slang heard around the house.

I am from Gene Autry playing in the background,
    from the Grand Ole Oprey on Saturday nights.
I am from hefty, homemade, southern food,
    from eggs and grits to fried chicken.
I am from Village Inn on Sunday mornings after church,
the banana creme pie still in the fridge.

I am from long talks after a hard day,
    from ice cream sandwiches to make the pain go away.
I am from massive hugs after major moments.
I am from love,
    the “I’ll love you no matter what.”


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