Sketchonia: Lerry the Hand Puppet Runs Away by Lucas Tigre (Pepin I.C.E. Anthology 6/8)

Chapter 1

Lerry the and puppet and his friend Benny the snail were watching TV and drinking soda.

Benny the snail: “Man has life become more boring?”

Lerry the hand puppet: “How would I know; we haven’t had an adventure in years.” 

Benny the snail: Maybe we could start right now by going outside.”

Lerry the hand puppet: “Thats not a bad idea, let’s go.”

What really got Lerry and Benny to move was when the news mentioned politics because they can’t stand it. So they went out to Lerry’s car and headed off to the Sketchonia park. They had no idea that two living beings were spying on them. These two living beings were none other than  Skultar the warlord and his henchmen Frank the chicken.

Skultar: “Ha, just what just when they thought they could hide from me for years” (It was actually a few weeks) “Well I’ve finally found them and will be able to destroy…. them” (“God how come I can’t say cool evil lines?” He thought in his head)

When Benny came outside, Skultar and Frank hid under the bush next to Lerry’s house. Frank, however, felt questionable.

Frank: “Uh Skultar, why are we doing this again?”

Skultar: “Duh, because they abandoned us during the presentation of Sketchonia”

Frank: “Oh right, makes sense”

Skultar “Do you have the razor gun?”

Frank: “Yes it’s in the bush”

The razor gun that Skultar made was used to blow up living beings and he brought it specifically to attack Lerry. Skultar explained to Frank more about how they will destroy Lerry once and for all and once they finished, they did a stereotypical evil laugh.

A few minutes later, Lerry and Benny were still walking towards the park and once again, not doing much. Hey, they said it, not me.

Lerry the hand puppet: “So Benny what should we do?” 

Benny the snail: “Honestly I don’t know, I guess wait for something interesting to happen.”

Lerry the hand puppet: “Hey look, Wilburt’s here.”

Wilburt the stone was another friend of Lerry and Benny. Wilburt was protesting to bring back the website “Corn hub”. Yeah, Wilburt can be weird.

Benny the snail: “Hi Wilburt, you okay?”

Wilburt the stone: “I’m trying to bring back my favorite website. I love watching corn, it’s my favorite vegetable.”

Wilburt soon started dozing off and imagining a corn girl umm, playing patty cake with him.

Benny the snail: “Hey Wilburt, you okay?”

Wilburt the stone: “Oh… yeah, I’m good. So what have you two been doing?”

Lerry the hand puppet: “Nothing really, our story has been kind of boring lately.”

All of a sudden, Skultar and Frank found Lerry and the gang. Soon enough Lerry was now trapped, Skultar’s razor gun pointed straight at his face. Well will you look at that! Now Lerry, Benny and Wilburt have something to do for the first time in a while! 

Benny jumped to action and distracted Skultar so that Lerry could get away. A dumpster truck passed by.  Lerry, Benny, and Wilburt ran to catch up and jumped on the back. They stayed on until they arrived in the city.  They start walking and end up on a bridge.  Just as soon as they think they can take a breather, Skultar and Frank flew by on a small private jet.  They landed on the bridge and Skultar jumped out, Razor gun in hand. 

Skultar was about to shoot them one by one, but Lerry had an idea. This idea was um, how can I describe it? Reckless maybe? Our three heroes jumped from the bridge while showing the “loser finger” at Skultar and Frank. The three heros fell into the water and swam back to shore.  When they found a bus to take them out of town, they decided to go back to Lerry’s house. By the time they got there, they were tired out and laid down on the couch. 

Wilburt the stone: “So, what should we do now?

Lerry the hand puppet: “You know what, let’s just do nothing. We have had enough adventure for one day.”

About the Author

This is Lucas’s first year of camp.  He is going into his sophomore year at Pepin Tampa.  He enjoyed publishing his story and making the character puppets. He hopes to see the anthologies come back to print soon.