Eye of Courage: The Origin by Liam Zindell (Pepin I.C.E. Anthology 5/8)

The date is August 16thin the 10th Century. In the downstairs room, Mr. Courage (Father) was rushing around looking for something. “Where’s my other boot?” Father said. 

“Have you checked every room?” Mrs. Courage (Mother) said. 

“I checked everywhere every room.” Father said. 

“But not our daughter’s room.” Mother replied. 

Mr. Courage closed his eye and sighed. “Always the daughter’s room, why I don’t I just check there,” the father whispered to himself. Meanwhile, Eye of Palladian was in her room playing with a catapult toy. Father opens the door and asks, “Is my other boot here?”. 

“You left it in Courage’s room, remember?” Palladian said. 

“Thank you.” Father said as he walks to Courage’s door. 

 Meanwhile in Courage’s room, Eye of Courage’s head was down on her desk bored. As Father opened the door, he searched around. “Courage have you- oh there it is.” Father said as he found his other boot.

“What was it, papa?” Courage said. 

“Looking for my boot, thanks.” Father thanked her kindly even though she only said one sentence.

“Ok…” she said laying her head back down. As father closed the door, her mother opened the door right after him and stared at her while she had her head down. 

“What’s wrong?” Mother asks. 

“Nothing,” Courage said. 

“Why are you feeling down?” Mother asked.

“I’m not sad, I’m just bored. Can’t think of something…” Courage said raising up and down her shoulders. 

“Come, let’s go to the kitchen…” mother said. As they went downstairs, they had to get something to eat. They start talking about her father and how he fought in the War from the Light and Darkness. “Why would father want to go in the war?” Courage asks. 

“So he can protect us and the family.” She said landing her spoon in the bowl. 

“What side do you think I should pick in Eye school?” she asks. 

“Well families argue about whether their children should be warriors or royals. You should probably think about it.” Mother said. 

“I’m going to walk around the village.  I’ll be back, mama.” Courage said after putting her bowl in the sink. She got out of her seat and headed to the exit doorway. 

“Be careful out there.” Mother warned her. “Ok…” she said before she closed the door. 

 As Courage walks around the village, she passes some warriors and Eye villagers. She hears crowds talking and noises. She likes the hustle and bustle of the village. She passes the castle, which is the school for royal Eyes. She saw a female royal student getting bullied by a group of three male royal students on the outside stairs. The bully’s laughed at the female royal student and Courage heard them say, “That’s for cheating on me, you disgusting frog.” The male royal students laughed hysterically.

“I didn’t cheat on you; it was a friend.” The female royal student cried. 

“Stop making excuses, we know what you’re up to, you are little coward.“ As the male students started to close in on the girl, Courage walked up to them. She said, “Hey, what’s the big deal?  Why are you bullying her?” 

One of the male royals laughed at Courage, saying “She cheated on me, so mind your own business!”

Courage said “How do you know that she cheated on you?  Do you have proof?” 

The royal speaking to Courage rallied his classmates and said “GGRRAGHH!!, GET HER!!!” 

Courage reacted quickly, grabbed the girl, and walked into a crowd of people to get her away from the other students. 

“Thank you very much for helping me. I hate the way that female royals are treated here. Nothing is equal, the male students gets away with murder,“ the girl said.

“I’m glad I was here to help you,” said Courage.  “It’s funny that I ran into today and found out how the female royals are treated. I was trying to decide whether or not to be a warrior or royal, and I think this really helped me make my decision.”

“So what school are you going to go to?” asked the girl.

“I have to become a warrior.  That is the only way I will reach my full potential. My name is Courage, after all. I can’t just stand by and watch thing like this happen. I have to fight injustice.”

“Well, I wish you the best in your future plans, Courage.  Thank you for your help.” The girl left the crowd and started walking towards the school. 

Courage walked home happily, knowing that she could finally talk to Mother and Father about her future plans.

About the Author

This is Liam’s first year of camp.  He is going into his freshman year at Pepin Riverview.  He loved having the chance to publish a story and would like to see the opportunity to combine writing with animation during camp.