Age of Revolationz By Eli Bainbridge (Pepin I.C.E. Anthology 3/8)

In the beginning of existence and the birth of the universe there stood five beings, called the spirit warriors, who created all life and existence. Known to be the most powerful and all-knowing beings and the greatest teachers, masters, and guardians, their existence is known by very few. What makes them different from other beings is they are humanoid animal like spiritual beings.

In the first age (the beginning of the universe) the greatest battle ever recorded happened. Armies numbered in the trillions on a leveled planet at the farthest reaches of the universe named Kryon. Every five million years a great war is held to see who has the strongest faction, who is the strongest, and who will rule the universe, but this time it was different. A new faction was created, the demon race. Never seen or heard of before, the demons crawled out of the pit of hell. Their armies covered the battlefield, slaughtering almost all other armies easily. 

The angels of heaven and the Autriites, a clan bred for war and known to be the strongest race possible, have always won the tournaments in the past. They are very powerful and wear gold armor and have one goal; to serve the king. On the battlefield the armies clashed, the angels and Autriites combined forces and were winning. Then a portal to hell opened and evil of all kinds became unleashed. These beings of limitless power called hell lords, generals and leaders of the demonic army, had awoken. As the hell lords are leveling armies, a holy warrior rises named Razathar, with a cape of gold, pure white armor, and a golden helmet. He stands on a pile of dead demons, and he screams, “I fight for the freedom of heaven, all evil shall perish by my sword!” He lifts the legendary sword Anora forged by the blood of angels, dragons’ scales and the holiest metals in the universe. The color of the blade is a special tint of silver and a blue so pure it reflects the owners face in the blade. This mighty warrior was trained by the Spirit warriors. 

 As all the hell lords fought the holy warrior, he shot a beam of holy lightning crippling the area around him, rocks and dust crippling as the demons around him are exploding, as a yellow lightning bolt blasts the hell lords through the chest. Like a hurricane had been unleashed lightning tears through the ground, blowing up demons. Then there stood only one enemy left, the demon god, the most powerful demon (at the time). He rushes at Razathar, Razathar harnesses all his power into his sword, then screams “I want to be the strongest hero!” He runs and jumps, slashing the sword into the demon god and severs the head off the demon. Then the battle was over. All the rest of the armies retreated. Then the hero vanished, without a trace left to find him. He went from a story to a myth, then the myth became a legend when people would worship him.

Demons recognize Razathar’s sword Anora and fear it because of the might this character had. For centuries, any demon instantly recognized pictures of the blade and they would scream in terror. It was told that this sword and hero will one day return to destroy all remnants of evil. 

At the same time, the arch nemesis Atheris (Mr. Smiley), possibly the most powerful demon to have ever lived, was destroying heaven’s forces, smiting angels, ripping angel’s wings off and killing them off slowly. As the last of the hell lords left in existence, his job is to bring back hell’s forces and bring new demon lords to conquer heaven\humanity. During the War of the First Age, he was fighting on the front line where an invasion went south, and the troops were decimated. As a demon he kept fighting the forces of heaven, watching as his forces were losing. During the fight, he calls for one final attack, gathering every demon to charge the front. As the gates of heaven are crippling, a shock wave of holy lightning caused by Razathar decimated every single last demon except for Atheris. Knocked down to the ground, Atheris used the remainder of his power to escape back to the pit of hell. After countless years of being in the pit, he finally recovered from the damages done to him, saying “When I return, and I will, this world is going to suffer a pain so agonizing that they will feel what I felt in the pit. Who knows how long I’ve been in here?”

Ten Wars Later (50 million years into the future)

Hey, Mr. Smiley here. You might remember me as “Atheris”, but I go by Mr. Smiley to be “hip” and “cool” in my current home. A new world called Earth was formed while I was gone. Earth, ugh, that horrible place with terrible people who fight each other constantly. So, I decided to visit the pathetic mortals of Earth and watch them to see what makes them so interesting. It turns out they elect leaders who rule over them. I was like, hmm.  I want to be a leader! That’s so weird, who wants to be ruled over, weird, but I love the idea! In the underworld, demons must prove who is the strongest by a tournament, which takes forever just to get through the fighting.  Here on Earth, I just need to get the mortals to believe my lies and then boom, I’m their leader! So, I moved to earth and am a politician and rapper, applying for the presidential position so I can rule this country and enslave humanity, yay! Wish the Smiley Party luck and remember to vote for me, mortals!

About the Author

This is Eli’s second year of camp.  He is going into his senior year this fall at Pepin Riverview.  He is very excited for others to see his published work and would only make camp longer if he could make a change.