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How I Became a Ninja by Carmella Castro (Pepin I.C.E. Anthology 2/8)

My story begins with me walking home from astronomy and tech club at New York High. Hi, my name is Stacie and I’m going to tell you how I was trained to be a ninja.  It was 8:00 at night and I’m pretty sure that my siblings were already at home making dinner and waiting for me to get home. I got to the subway station to wait for her train. I was thinking about the last thing my parents said to me and my siblings before they went to a different country for their new job.  I was about to be taken by a gang of thugs who worked for a hotel and casino manager. Lucky for me I know judo and karate and got away from them.  

“Hey guys, sorry I was late, oh no I’m fine, I was on my way home and I got stopped by a man who was giving out flyers” I said. “Hey Stacie, I see you have a flyer of martial arts camp and a scholarship program in London” Stephanie said. “I think it’s a great idea for you to join these two programs” Shayden said. “I don’t know, it’s sounds unsafe” Stephan said. “Brother It’s okay I will be fine and I can take care of myself.” I spoke. “It’s not an argument, you are going to stay safe and sound with us and that’s final.” Stephan said. I went to my room crying but not too long because Shayden, Stephanie, Mom, Dad who is with all our relatives in heaven came to comfort me. The next day a girl with her cousin came to me “Hi my name is Zailee and this is my cousin Emily” they said. “My name is Stacie, nice to meet you,” I said to them.  

Weeks later, Shayden, Stephanie, Zailee, and Emily would train my judo and karate skills in private so that way my brother Stephan won’t notice me practicing. After a few tournaments and practices, we went to a restaurant to celebrate without Stephan. “I’m so glad that I was able to do those two programs together with you guys and not let my brother noticing me doing those two programs without his permission” I spoke. I sang in front of the restaurant. I said goodbye to my friends. Me, Shayden, and Stephanie went home. I graduated from high school and went to college in England. “I just hope Stephan is not a control freak” I said to Shayden and Stephanie as I went on the plane.  

I went to England and they had great training programs for martial arts. I watched a lot of MMA matches and was inspired by their fighting techniques. I went to a karate session to sign up with a kung Fu expert. I’ve been training nonstop and was ready to defend against my brother. I discovered that he works for a rival karate team. I called my brother Shayden and my sister Stephanie to come to England and live with me forever. They agreed and lived a happy life with me and my brother got psychological help and apologized to us. “I’m sorry for not letting you accomplish your dreams, it’s just that I don’t want to lose like we lost our parents and family members” Stephan said, bursting into tears. I accepted our brother’s apology but we still had to visit him in a facility for mental disorders.

About The Author

This is Carmella’s first year of camp.  She is going into her senior year this fall at Pepin Riverview.  She enjoyed getting the chance to make new friends and write a fictional story that didn’t require a lot of teacher help. She would like to learn more about typing to improve her skills.

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