Where I’m From

by Gabriela Salazar 
inspired by Mari Aviles’s demo-lesson

I’m from a father that beat the odds
Orphanage to master’s degree
His success led to mine
I’m from a mother that is selfless 
And has unwavering faith in our Creator 
A Chingona, winning a battle she didn’t deserve to fight 
I’m from my siblings 
We came in two pairs, three years apart 
They are my forever friends 

I’m from the windy city and the humid small town 
I’m from family parties filled with primos
some I just met that day
I’m from uncontrollable laughter and loud voices 
Never listening when they tell us to quiet down

I’m from stacks upon stacks of books, 
The pages filled up my heart and soul 
I’m from stamped passports and concert crowds
I’m from my indecisive decisions 
My overthinking inclinations 
And from all my mistakes
I’m from everything I was 
And it’ll lead me to
everything I hope I will be.


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