Cathy Dyer at Fumes for Friday: Breaking up is NOT Hard to Do!

If you missed last week’s Fumes for Friday session with Cathy Dyer (TBAWP class of 2009, 10th grade English and creative writing teacher at McKeel Academy of Technology) get ready! Her lesson, “Breaking Up is NOT Hard to Do,” is available at the link below:

It’s not you, it’s me…

Cathy writes:

What do you want OUT of your life? Oh, how I wish I could “break up” with hormonal teenagers, COVID, and laundry. (No? Just me, then? Haha.) Join us for therapy: a quick, 45-minute session that will hopefully leave you feeling lighter once you have severed the ties — at least in writing — to whatever is weighing you down.

In my creative writing classes, I use this lesson right after Valentine’s Day, and the results are always rich with metaphor and similes, personification, and usually some sarcasm. My students get pretty descriptive when they are allowed to tell something to “hit the road, Jack!”

Here’s the accompanying slideshow:

Cut yourself loose, hit the road, and have a great week!


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