Elvira Randall “Nature Field Notes” – Fumes for Friday

In case you missed our latest Fumes for Friday session on Thursday, 02-18-21, at 8:30pm, please check out the video below. Elvira Randall shared a beautiful lesson on writing nature field notes that was also a tribute to TBAWP legend and ICE camp founder, Jennifer Albritton:

Jennifer Albritton would be proud….

“It is difficult for a person to care deeply about anything that he or she hasn’t experienced or doesn’t know much about. Recording observations and feelings in a field journal can be a powerful way for students to get to know their natural community and the geography of their home environment, so that they can develop that sense of caring commitment.” – National Forest Service 

In this lesson, we will be working on observation and description with precise word choice. Participants should have something from nature (yard, beach, etc…) on hand to use. This could be a stone, a leaf, a flower, stick, insect (a butterfly or whatever creepy threshold you have).

Check out Elvira’s presentation here:


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