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Eric Vona at “Fumes For Friday”: Transformative Haikus

In a wonderful second session of our new “Fumes for Friday” series, we got behind the wheel with Eric Vona for a lesson on “Transformative Haikus” and fueled up for Friday and beyond! If you didn’t catch the live version of Eric’s lesson, you can still see the video (and Eric’s presentation) at the links below. Stay tuned for our next session on 2/18/21!

Haiku poetry / Eric Vona teaches us / Can be transformative

“I am John Eric Vona (TBAWP class of 2013) and I teach Creative Writing and AP Lit at Steinbrenner High School in Lutz, Florida. I know several times throughout this trying school year, I’ve needed just a little help to push me through to the weekend. Because the best part of TBAWP is giving back to our community of writer-teachers, I’m excited to deliver this week’s Fumes For Friday mini-lesson. My hope is that it will help someone make it to the next fuel-up.

In this mini lesson, we will use the seemingly ubiquitous Haiku to build toward free verse poetry with better imagery. This is a highly-adaptable activity that builds on what is existing knowledge for many students. It starts with something small, but ends by packing a lot of punch and will definitely get your students expressing themselves.”

Check out Eric’s presentation here:

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