Koi no yokan

by Gabriela Salazar
inspired by TBAWP’s 2020 freewrite

As soon as I laid eyes on his- I knew
Just as the sun would rise tomorrow, 
He would be mine

He’s the ocean 
His waves pulling me in deeper and deeper 
A perilous paradise 
I am lost in him

He’s an alluring bridge
My pillar of strength 
Navigating through our early twenties,
Always there to support me

He’s all consuming,
Took every part of me
His flames kissed my skin
Hard truths landed like light feathers,
Numb to it all,
I wanted more

He’s an iron wall
He stopped letting me in
Hiding his own demons 
I envied the empty bottles and drifting smoke,
A comfort that I couldn’t bring

Believed I could see heaven, 
I don’t know who to blame
Days filled with emptiness
I’m living in memories


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