Marcos Who…

by Mari Aviles
a humble imitation of Sandra Cisneros’s “Abuelito Who”

Marcos who plays notes into silence
and asks who hears him. 
Who is a melody and a bass line
who is a 
a bass.
Whose fingers are made of magic
is too broken to play

Who tells me out loud, “I know I’m loved”
who hears in his heart, “you don’t matter”
whose ears can no longer hear truth or music
can’t play today
stays locked up inside his regret 
who used to find joy in the songs, 
is still broken

Is a tragedy and a miracle
is tired, quiet, still
doesn’t play music anymore
has stopped knowing his worth
maybe never knew it
is the son of a King
the song of The Father
a melody worth repeating
who is sadness and joy
death and new life
rejection and acceptance
who is music, and music, and music
who is love, and love, and love 
who is my beautiful brother


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