by Karen Holbrook
inspired by Samantha Beatty’s mini-lesson

Hidden away inside the coat jacket was a sealed letter. I gently pulled it out from the safety of the pocket and wondered who this letter was intended for. The dusty gray jacket belonged to my grandfather. Memories of him wearing it to keep warm during his slumbering naps came rushing in. Was this letter for him, did he write it specifically for someone? I pondered whether to open the letter and let the contents come flooding out or place it back into its safe surroundings of the gray jacket.

I walk past the closet door where the jacket hangs and my mind begins to grabble over what to do with the letter hidden inside.  If the letter was something grandpa wanted to deliver did he get the chance? Was it for him and tucked inside for his pleasure? Grandpa passed away four years ago, I miss him dearly and this letter is a piece of him I tell myself as I slowly walk to the door.


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