The Realities of Teaching & When Quarantine Hits

by Jessica O’Brien
inspired by Karen Holbrook’s demo-lesson

Mrs. OBrien                                                          Jessica

Teacher & Adjunct                                               Teaching from Home

5:30 am                                                                 8:00 am

Wake up                                                                wake up


Breakfast                                                               breakfast




and get Dressed Up

never jeans

Pointy Flats



                                                                                sipping my coffeeeee



                                                                                puts on a hat

Elevator button                                                    elevator button

Going down!                                                         going down

                                                                                leisurely walk the dog

Classroom                                                             have I brushed my teeth yet?

Set up

Emails                                                                    doesn’t matter –


Hi! Hello!                                                              should I change out of my sweatshirt?

How are you today?!

                                                                            doesn’t matter


Morning show                                                      “Mrs. OBrien you look so                                                                                                                                              different without makeup!!”

My On                                                                   Yep, school is strange now

Let’s Go!                                           

                                                                               ok maybe I should wash my face

Language Arts                                                      later


So proud of your hard work girls!

Proud of myself                               

                                                                               this feels weird

                                                                               “does anyone have any questions?”

Wrap Up                               

BYE                                                                         so this is the new normal?

Second period

Third period

…catch my breath

Fourth period          

                                                                                 I should probably workout with

                                                                                 my new friends Cody Rigsby and Ms.                                                                                                                             Ally Love

                                                                                  he sings and dances during our rides

                                                                                  everything Ally says is Classroom Poster                                                                                                                       Worthy

Don’t drink too much coffee

You can’t pee until 1 pm

5th Period

Have I sat down today?                                          oh my god

                                                                                 – the couch has arms!

Off to UT

See my college kids

Convince them that

teaching is an awesome


because it IS,

and it Matters,

and whoa I am TIRED.

it’s 10:15 pm                                                              it’s 10:15 am

Have I done enough?                                              and I can use the bathroom!!!

Is it enough?            

30 minutes to wind down


                                                                                    I look in the mirror…


Go                                                                               I’m still in my pajamas


It’s only Tuesday.                                                     what is today? what is a day? it must be                                                                                                                   a construct…

                                                                                  i should look it up

                                                                    yay! the sound of music is on disney+

things have really slowed down around



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