Unbox your Summer Writing Experience with “Dear Writer”!

Are your kids looking for something creative to do this summer? Are they ready for a break from screen time?

If so, check out “Dear Writer,” a weekly correspondence kit and accompanying online experience.

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(see registration deadlines below: sign up by 6/5 to reserve your spot for Week 1!)

Here’s how it works:

Kids get a weekly package with five letters (one to open each day!) and other materials for that week. Each letter contains instructions for the next step of a themed writing project. Imagine opening the box and wondering, “What are these things for? What will the first letter say?”

During the week, writers can post their writing for feedback from peers and from a trained writing consultant via Trello, a secure, private, kid-friendly online social network. Trello boards are divided up by age group. Each week also includes a Zoom meeting and virtual “author’s chair” at which writers can proudly share their work!

Ready to sign up for “Dear Writer” and unbox your budding author’s summer writing experience?

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Please see below for prices, schedule, and themes, or contact Youth Programs Director, Eric Vona (icewriters@gmail.com), for further details.


Tuition per week: $75

Four weeks: $275

Give me eight!: $525

TBAWP Teacher Consultant Discount (click here, and enter code TBAWP20)


Week 1 (June 15-19) Writing Your World

Even if you’re staying home, you can still explore the world around you, natural and otherwise. Write to the trees, the flowers, the sidewalks, the buildings and rediscover the connectivity of your world.

Registration Deadline: June 5

Week 2 (June 22-26) Great Explorations

This week, the world talks back. And it’s a lot bigger than you could have imagined. Explore cultures and nature beyond your own neighborhood, and give voice to the places you discover. Take the journey and write away.

Registration Deadline: June 8

Week 3 (June 29-July 3) Art Alive

From art galleries and city murals to your sketchbook and the sidewalk outside your home, art is everywhere and art is speaking. This week, you will give voice to the art that defines our world, and use your own writing to make your mark.

Registration Deadline: June 15

Week 4 (July 6-10) Future Influencer

Design, build, and invent your way into the next big thing! Will you influence our culture through social media? Or will you solve the world’s problems through your ingenuity? Or maybe, your creative spirit can take us to new and unknown worlds…

Registration Deadline: June 22

Week 5 (July 13-17) Player 1

Do you like role-playing games? Roll the dice and get ready: this week guides you through creating characters and placing them in action-packed narratives. Can your character navigate your story when your story is out-of-control?

Registration Deadline: June 29

Week 6 (July 20-24) Gimme a Clue

A mystery unfurls through only physical objects this week as you assemble the clues, build the story, and solve the crime. But there’s more than just one story here….

Registration Deadline: July 6

Week 7 (July 27-31) Note to Self

From inside out, our DNA defines who we are. Or does it? From outside in, you can tell the stories of your life. Memories are woven into your skin. Experiences held in your scars, your fingerprints, even the hair on your head. It’s your story. Embody it.

Registration Deadline: July 13

Week 8 (August 3-7) Letters from Tomorrow

Dear Writer, did you think this was the end? This was all just the beginning. This week, the most mysterious letters arrive. Do you believe? Who knows what the future holds….

Registration Deadline: July 20

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