PDQ: How to Make a Podcast

This first PDQ installment responded to requests at our Annual Conference 2019 for professional development on podcasting!

Want to make a podcast with your students? Looking for ways to connect in this era of “social distancing”? In this three-part series, TBAWP TCs teamed up for Write Like This, a podcast on podcasting.

Live Zoom calls on Fridays at 8:30pm followed each episode.

“Write Like This”:

A Podcast for Writing Teachers


Episode 1

“The Last Whiskey Bottle in Lusk” (or Why You Should Podcast with Your Students)

Show Link:

Zoom Call (live at 8:30pm, Friday 5/22):

Episode 2

Podcast Genres: Choosing How to Say What You Have to Say

Show Link:

Zoom Call (live at 8:30pm, Friday 6/5):

Episode 3

Selecting Evidence: Interviews, Research, and Informative Podcasting

Thanks for listening! Keep Write on Writing!


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