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Nature of the Earth By Lindsay Paulson, Winner of Middle School Write-Ahead Poetry

Below is the winner of our Middle School Poetry Write-Ahead Contest, Nature of the Earth by Lindsay Paulson. This category asked entrants to create a Found Poem.

Nature of the Earth

by Lindsay Paulson

One can see no thing as beautiful as an early spring flower, I realized shortly after sunset, falling in love. Once you experience the aroma and even occurrence to be savored, limitations require a reality check.

Fragile buds were sprouting at the thought. Colorful goldfinch dove into a throng of crazed clouds.

I care to remember a statuesque bright summer bouquet. A fresh floral cascade will be a nice memento.  

Once you have positively fallen in love with the intoxicating future- a most special event- that is a strength so saints be praised!

Source: The Bride’s Guide to Wedding Photography

Lindsay Paulson is a 6th Grader at Coleman Middle School. In 2019, she attended the I.C.E. Writers South Tampa camp.

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