Day 9 at St. Pete I.C.E. Writers: Selling Stories

Today Mr. Eric visited camp and asked the kids an important question: What do you do if you are an author and you want to get published? There were some great responses, such as paying to publish it yourself and only hiring an editor for grammar and punctuation. If only that were the case!
In reality, writers collaborate with editors, usually more than one, and find a literary agent to represent them to the publisher before becoming a published author. Well, today, the campers went through that process, too!
While all of us were writers, we also had another role: Some of us were agents, some were editors (who got to wear cool hats), and then the facilitators were the publishers. After the writers worked with two editors, agents had to sell a writer’s work to the publishers, and publishers had to decide if they wanted to accept it (we did ;)). The whole process created lots of deep, real and authentic revision!
After going through the process, everyone sent their favorite written pieces to the anthology to actually be published! Campers were given an official document stating that their writing had been accepted for publication. Campers loved this so much that some didn’t even want to go to lunch because they wanted to finish the process. Professional anthologies, which will include pieces from each camper, will be given to all campers at the fall conference at USF on November 2.
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We will share more about that at our ceremony tomorrow from 1 pm to 3 pm in the Charger Commons dining room.
Camp has been more than a blast this year with this awesome group. We are excited to show off what we’ve written but will be a little teary-eyed to see our time together come to an end this year.
Lesson Learned: “Publishing can be hard work, but you cannot give up.”
Quotes of the Day: 1. “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted.”
2. “I’ve already sold five stories!”

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