Day 6 at St. Pete I.C.E. Writers: Brainstorming Blast

Characters really let their true colors fly when they are writing a review about a horrible product.
Our quick write this morning launched our characters from last week’s monologues into a whole new mode — expressing their thoughts about terrible products purchased from online retailers.
New stories and even new characters emerged, which were pretty hilarious.
We learned how to make our stories more in depth by creating layers and adding multiple conflicts, settings, themes, and character traits. Our groups tackled this job together by making graffiti walls of the four writing elements. We came up with so many ideas that we ran out of room on the chart paper.
Next was the fun part, making new stories, adding more traits to our characters, additional settings, and making sure there was a  central belief or theme.
Groups worked together to revise and hone the final products to add action verbs and colorful word choice.
We also voted for the cover art for our section of the anthology! Congrats to Leah M.!
Lesson Learned: “You can have multiple themes, settings, and conflicts in your story and multiple character traits in each character.”
Quote of the Day: “Sure, you can name your character Mistress Hotdog.”

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