Day 2 at St. Pete I.C.E. Writers: Maps of Ourselves

Sometimes it’s okay to get too emotional. Today, we explored the truths of who we are, what we enjoy, and what makes each of us unique. That led to some pretty amazing moments.
We began the day decorating “ME” posters with images and words cut out from magazines that represented us and our interests. We expanded our views of each other by examining our friends’ “ME” posters, and then we delved deep, thinking back to five major events of our lives and putting those on a timeline. At first, it was difficult to figure out what those major events were that shaped us into who we are. We forged ahead and heard a very personal and heartfelt memoir piece from Ms. Franki that gave everyone the feels. With this example in mind, we picked one event and developed our own memoir pieces. These funny, cute, lighthearted, and heartbreaking stories brought us together as a writing family.
And then the real work began — writing a six-word memoir that represented these emotional stories. How would be able to cut these masterpieces down to six words!? Well, we paired up with our revision buddies and magic memoir moments began emerging all over the room.
We were introduced to the Ladder of Feedback, and finished the day by writing our six-word memoirs on large strips of paper, which we will display with our “ME” maps around the room.
It was truly an inspiring day for all.
Lesson Learned: Memoirs can bring memories of any emotion, share them!
Quote of the Day: “Everyone is watching me. I feel looked at.”

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