Day 1 at St. Pete I.C.E. Writers: Raining Words

Campers shook off the rainy Monday blues and burst with creativity today. We explored all the ways in which we know our names, where they come from, and why they matter to us. We were amazed that so many campers already braved the author’s chair today both veteran I.C.E. campers and our new friends. We almost didn’t make it to lunch on time! With the added spice of using a microphone in the new Charger Commons, it was quite an entertaining day. 

We wrapped up the afternoon by creating our group identities — names for our new writing teams: Nine Demons (who created an acronym for their name), Snow-cone Eating Giraffes, Creative Creatures, and The Seventh Grade Scoops (who all decorated their own scoops of ice cream). 

Lesson Learned: Names don’t define us, but they have history behind them. 

Quote of the Day: “We’re going off the books today.” 

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