Day 9 at South Tampa I.C.E. Writers: “I am a Writer”

Today with Sue LaNeve was simply wonderful. She explained who she is and her journey to publication. She shared with our writers that rejection is very hard to take and it even derailed her for some time, but when you are ready to receive it,mature enough to handle it, it’s worth it!
Then we moved into a very FUN collaborative (chain writing) lesson which reviewed all of the useful writing tools we have learned this summer: writing with emotion, setting descriptions, specific details, plot, and she even sprinkled in how/why we use purposeful dialogue. She said writing stories is like, “A river of plot that comes between us, and we just grasp at ideas to form different stories from different perspectives.” I couldn’t sum up camp ANY better. Although we pride ourselves on the lessons we teach and the format of our camp created by an important special lady and experienced educator, we love being validated by people who actually appreciate the process and can speak to our writers as true authors. It’s a very cool thing!
Lesson Learned: Always read; always write; always read to write.
Quote of the Day: “I am a writer.” (She had each camper say their name and that phrase. It was powerful. Some of our facilitators even teared up a bit).

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