Day 8 at North Tampa I.C.E. Writers: But Why?

We began our day pondering the world around us, channeling the young child within, to ask why. Today’s craft lesson involved listening and reading fables and folktales, sometimes called “Pour quoi Tales.” Pour quoi is the French word for why and so we embarked on a short hike around the campus to draw inspiration from nature.  This led to questions about why things in our world are the way they are. These questions became the threads woven together to create delightful stories.   

As we approach the end of this writing experience, tomorrow we will be in full “publishing mode” in order to submit our final writing pieces for the anthology.


Lesson Learned: “Pour quoi tales explain the mysteries of the world.” ~ Nayana

Quote of the Day: “The more we walk the planet, the more experienced we become.” ~Ms. Mari – submitted by Ishaan


SAVE THE DATE! – We will have our Celebration of Writing on Friday June 28 at 1:00 pm.  It will be held in the Grand Room on the west side of the campus.


In Writing,

Ms. Mari, Ms. Marta, Ms. Charlie, and Ms. Heidi


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