Day 6 at South Tampa I.C.E. Writers: A Lot of Character

Another great start to another awesome week. Today, we spent the day delving deeply into Characters by pondering physical attributes, personality traits, as well as movement, dialect, thoughts, and mannerisms. Then through thoughtful questioning, our characters finally emerged so we could write about them. We ended the day comparing them to our favorite soda or sweet treat or veggie in Metaphor form. We pulled from Ms. Cathy’s AMP Day to stretch them even further.
Many of our campers are wrapping up their anthology pages, and a few are even deciding what to share on Friday. Campers came home with a hardcopy of the invite. We hope to see many of you there! Wash those blue shirts for Friday!
Lesson Learned: The importance of characters is how they feel and what you imagine about them.
Quote of the Day: “When you use characterization, you embrace your imagination.”
Much Love,
The South Tampa Team ❤

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