Day 6 at North Tampa I.C.E. Writers: In a Flash!

Youth Programs Director Mr. Eric paid us a visit today to introduce us to a new genre of writing – flash fiction. Particularly Science Fiction and Fantasy Flash Fiction. This type of writing takes the best of science fiction and fantasy and challenges the writer to keep it short – about 500 words.

Examining picture prompts and telling the story behind them was our starting point. We struggled (in a good way) to cut out parts of our story in order to create stories that were strong and focused. Making big cuts with “a chainsaw” or little cuts with a “scalpel” helped us realize that revision doesn’t mean you’re throwing out what you’ve written, just setting it aside for later possible use.

Building upon today’s learning and writing, tomorrow we will go “behind the music.” The campers are encouraged to bring in headphones so that they can listen to the lesson’s musical selections.

Today the campers voted on the artwork that will serve as the cover for our section of the anthology. The winning artwork (above) was submitted by Frances McKoen. Congratulations Frances!

Lesson Learned: “Sometimes cutting things out of a story can be good.” ~ Peter
Quote of the Day: “Words in a story could turn into a poem.” ~ Mr. Eric, submitted by Katerina

SAVE THE DATE! – We will have our Celebration of Writing on Friday June 28 at 1:00 pm.  It will be held in the Grand Room on the west side of the campus.

In Writing,

Ms. Mari, Ms. Marta, Ms. Charlie, and Ms. Heidi


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