Day 4 at South Tampa I.C.E. Writers: In a Nutshell

Today was truly inspirational! Our campers painstakingly perused tiny words for hours, locating beautiful and precise language. They organized these slivers into Parts of Speech categories before shaping them into the perfect phrase or poem that would inspire special people in their lives. They pasted these delicious words onto beautiful shells. They wrote to grandparents who have passed, grandmothers who are special, mothers who will be traveling for awhile and to one another. Ms. Elvira reminded us that words are powerful and meaningful and stick with us much longer than the people who say them. I was moved by how creative and loving our campers were when trying to select just the right words to share.
We used that lesson to revisit other pieces written this week during our conferences with the campers to aid them in revision. They strengthened verbs, added descriptives, and made nouns more specific. These are tools that will make our anthology pages beautiful and more interesting to our readers. We are still hammering away at publishing. So many campers plead with us for more pages in the anthology. That is a great problem to have! Because it will be bounded with many other camps, we have to stick to our limit.
However, that is making their selections more meaningful!
Lessoned Learned: Even if you don’t realize, words mean a lot.
Quote of the Day: “Words can hurt you or help you.”
A favorite shell: “You are Nobility. Be happy.”

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