Day 3 at North Tampa I.C.E Writers: Let’s Build a Story!

Let’s Build a Story!

We began our day using a picture prompt to spark our imaginations.  Examining the picture led to brainstorming three different story ideas, complete with characters, conflicts, plot events, turning points, and possible endings.  We conferred with our table mates to explore our favorite story idea before writing our first drafts.  The afternoon revision lesson helped us to brighten up sentence beginnings and hone in on sentence fluency – making our sentences flow smoothly.

Building upon today’s learning and writing, tomorrow we will probe deeper into developing characters and bringing them to life by conveying their emotions and motivations through our writing.

Lesson Learned: “Give in to your greatest writing fears and desires. They are the world’s most powerful combo.” ~ Bella C.

Quote of the Day: “A thought can turn into an idea. An idea can turn into a story.” ~ Sarah H.

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