Day 2 at South Tampa I.C.E. Writers: Putting the ME in Memories

“Man, it feels good to be a gangstah!”
No…not because we’re feeling in the writing groove at camp. It’s a line one of our young writers memoirs about the first time he met his teacher who is now his writing camp facilitator!
We spent the morning exploring ourselves by creating ME Maps before analyzing one another’s ME Maps to dig deeper into knowing our new friends. Then we created mini timelines of our lives to select one memory to write a memoir with emotion, specific details, and vivid verbs? The author’s chair was BUSY today. Some campers returned in the afternoon to read what they started in the morning. These are magical moments at camp. Our afternoon consisted of creating 6 Word Memoirs and 6 Word Titles to our memoirs.
6/18 Lesson Learned: A memoir is an important memory that you celebrate (even if it hurts a little to remember).
6/18 Quote of the Day: “Feel stressed? Join a knitting club!” (count the words)

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