Day 2 at North Tampa I.C.E. Writers: It’s All About Me

It’s All About Me! – Today we engaged in self-reflection by creating “Me” posters that provided our camp mates with a snapshot of ourselves – words and images that represented our lives, as well as our personalities.  We shifted our focus to the events of our lives that were impactful, transformative, and defining. Drawing upon these experiences, we wrote memoir pieces that zoomed in on a particular object, person, place, or event. We were challenged to intensify our focus even more when we encapsulated our life lessons and memorable moments in just a few words – our 6-Word Memoirs.  Finally, we learned about the Ladder of Feedback, a shared vocabulary and procedure to use and follow when working with revision buddies.

Building upon today’s learning and writing, tomorrow we will apply our understanding of the importance of experiences to build a story.

Lesson Learned: “Sometimes it’s worth taking a step back.” ~ Ishaan A.

Quote of the Day: “Something so simple can turn out to be unexpected,” said by Anna B. and quoted by Nayana J.

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