Day 1 at North Tampa I.C.E. Writers: What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, bany other name would smell as sweet.”


Welcome to I.C.E. Writers’ Camp! We had a delightful day getting to know each other by reflecting on our name, the stories attached to them, and exploring our own feelings about them.  Our afternoon revision lesson challenged us to look at our name from a different perspective.  The writing that came from this was insightful and imaginative!  Beyond discussing the power of names, we spent time learning about our table mates and creating a team name and motto.

Building upon today’s learning and writing, tomorrow we will focus on the genre of memoir.

Lesson Learned: “Different perspectives can change a story.” ~ Samantha Bala

Quote of the Day: “Your name doesn’t define you; your actions are what define you.” ~ Aarav Sood

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