Day 3 at W.A.T.E.R. Write Your Own Adventure: How to Talk to a Writer

The day began with our intrepid campers rewriting classic fairy tales in the style of a CYOA. We had Little Red Riding Hood beating the wolf to the grandmother’s house, Cinderella hiring a maid and the wolf who tormented the three little pigs becoming a vegetarian.

Then we talked about beats in screenwriting before we set out to capture specific plot moments in our CYOA stories and KEEP THE PLOT MOVING!

After lunch and a game of Munchkin, we took a stroll around the gorgeous USF campus.

Then it was a visit from Dr. Pat and Dr. Mike, TBAWP’s Directors, who came to give us feedback. But first we made a list of how we wanted to be talked to as writers and not students, how we wanted feedback.

  1. Be honest, but nice
  2. No unnecessary praise (I don’t need the praise sandwich)
  3. Remember, it’s not done yet!
  4. Don’t fix my grammar (I know it’s bad)
  5. Focus on my story and my ideas

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