Day 7 at Trinity I.C.E. Writers: Break it up!

Break it up! Break it up!

Your lines of writing of course.

Our craft lesson focused on breaking up your lines of text to turn your writing into something poetic. We started by reflecting on a favorite or special place.  Adding sensory details helped us paint a powerful image with our words.  Focusing on line breaks and stanza breaks gave us the tools to give shape to our poetry.  We also managed to sneak in a little punctuation practice as we discussed using dashes and parenthesis to set the tone of our writing, to emphasize certain words or images, or to share with our readers an inner thought.  The results were touching and thoughtful.

Quote of the Day: Writing is not garbage. It’s fun! ~ Rudra

Lesson Learned: Poems have no rules – do whatever you want. ~ Erin

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