Day 6 at Trinity I.C.E. Writers: Behind the Music

Welcome to VH1’s Behind the Music

Songs can tear at our hearts, make us smile, cause a chuckle,  and make us cry!  Words have a lot of power!

Our craft lesson allowed us to analyze what song writers do that makes their music inspire us! We talked about repetition, metaphors, similies, personification, and anaphora.  We analyzed powerful first lines and used them to begin our own stories.

We then watched a music video where the character’s people had sketched came to life.  We then took a moment to sketch our stories.   Using the Kagan Strategies of  Stand Up, Hand Up, Pair Up activity we shared our sketches and a brief summary of our story.  Next, we wrote super, fast fiction pieces in 3 minutes answering the famous line – “Who let the dogs out?”.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent revising and working on our anthology and performance pieces.

Quote of the Day:  “Close your mouth and open your mind with a pen and paper.” Daryn quoting Ms. Courtney

 Lesson Learned: I learned how to interpret songs differently. They have important meaning. They can spark creativity and learning. -Christopher

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