Day 2 at W.A.T.E.R. Write Your Own Adventure: Manic Mapping

Today started off with some practice: we read “If You give a Mouse a Cookie” and then rewrote it… with options!

Then we turned to our own stories, the adventures that we started yesterday, and expanded them. We added endings and then sought to connect the beginnings to the endings with a concrete mapping activity. We pushed desks together so every writer had a big space to write their scenes out on post-it notes and connect them with string and tape. Every desk looked like a conspiracy theory or a detective trying to solve a murder.


We tried to stop these maniacs and make them eat lunch and take a brain break but as writer Cheyenne said, “there’s no turning this off.” So they just kept right on mapping through lunch. Some got very complex as they tried to connect their starting point (the center) to their endings (the outer edges).


Lesson Learned: We learned how to do a story web and how to put details into it.

Quote of the Day: “Red string!” – Margaret and Sophia

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