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Day 5 at Trinity I.C.E. Writers: Keep Your Receipts

Ok, so I collect receipts.  Not just my own, mind you; I  am always on the lookout for discarded receipts. You can tell a lot about a person by examining what they buy at the store.  Hey, I’m a writer – this is one of the ways I find my inspiration.  Examining items and imagining the person’s back story, well…I find it fascinating.  And so, that is how we started our day at I.C.E. camp today.  We became investigators.  We asked questions and made inferences and slowly, our characters came to life.  We wrote short monologues to give voice to the characters we fashioned from our imaginations.  We added depth by infusing our characters with emotions, hopes, and wishes.  Finally, we introduced our characters to our audience by reading our monologues in the Author’s Chair.

Whew! Let me tell you, today was a busy day! So…would you like a receipt? Ms. Marta’s lesson helped us refine our writing and really delve into developing characters.


Quote of the Day:   “Building a character is like molding with clay.” ~ Ms. Marta

Lesson Learned:  “A short story is just the right amount.” ~ Adalyn

                            “A monologue is a short story that you have to make as if you are talking to the audience.” ~Christopher

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