Day 4 at Trinity I.C.E. Writers: Me! Me! Me!

Today was all about Me! Me as in MEmoirs! First we created Me posters.


Then we created a timeline of our lives. Some were really long (us oldies) and some were pretty short (our youngest campers) but one thing we all had in common was leading event-filled lives. Whether filled with traveling, adventure or families, we all had memories to tag on our timelines. After creating our timelines, we focused on one memory and wrote that story. The writing and feedback was amazing! Campers are really thriving and improving their writing with the help of their fellow writers.

group writing pic

In the afternoon our focus was on 6 Words. 6 words that could hold so much power and tell so much. 6 Word Memoirs were the focus.

6 word

We even had a little music thanks to Taylor Swift and her Me song. Author’s Chair was filled and the writing that was shared can only be described as, amazing! Or touching! Heartfelt! Despair! There are too many adjectives to use.

 Lesson Learned: “Today I learned about the others around me. I also learned about how important certain memories are.”

Quote of the Day:  “Creativity empowers me yet destroys me.” ~Jess

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