Day 3 at Trinity I.C.E. Writers: Questionable

Why is the sky blue?

Why does it rain?

Why do trees lose their leaves?

Why does ice melt?

What causes the stars to twinkle?

            We questioned the world and even our own existence today.  Our focus was on Porquoi Tales also called origin tales. They are stories told to explain why something is the way it is. Campers were challenged to think of question that 3 year old’s like to ask that always have, But Why?. Why do volcanoes erupt?  Why don’t sharks live on land? The best part was we left out the science.  Our tales were told with the idea that before science could explain it, parents had to first.  Imaginations ran wild and we had fun!

            In the afternoon we focused on revising for figurative language and movement. How could we improve what a character does or says by adding movement to it. Sometimes we invest so emotionally to our writing that we have difficulty with changing it. Revision is always difficult but we managed to get throughout and are the better writers for it.  Working in our revision groups helped a lot and many of us are working on our pieces which will go into our anthology.

Lesson Learned: Revising with a critical eye is as important as writing with an imaginative eye. -Daryn
Quote of the Day: “I’m an ok writer, but I’m an awesome reviser.” – Author Kate Messner
“If your first draft comes out pretty you are doing it wrong.”- said by Ms. Stacey

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