Day 2 at Trinity I.C.E. Writers: Chainsaws and Scalpels

Disclaimer:  No power tools or surgical tools were actually used by campers today. It was strictly metaphorical.

Welcome to Day 2 of ICE Writers Camp where chainsaws and scalpels were the tools for writing.

Flash Fiction was our focus today, more specifically Science Fiction & Fantasy Flash Fiction.  Our Youth Programs Director, Eric, visited us today and introduced us to the idea of writing with precision and limiting our use of adjectives to be specific and descriptive. Our first purpose was to write without limits and then “buzz” of chunks like a chainsaw, to eliminate over describing. We did this with help from our Revision Buddies, a peer from another group that can help us see our writing from a new perspective.

Lunch was yummy and then we had a visit with Kona Ice to help us cool down our hard working brains. During free time, many campers decided to work on creating board games for us to play during our time at camp. We’ll let you know how that goes!

After lunch we had time to use a “scalpel” and to make precision changes to our writing which we then shared in author’s chair.

Lesson Learned:  Even if you don’t like it, cutting writing can make it better. -Adalyn

Quote of the Day:  “Cut it off with a chainsaw.”

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