Word by Word, Piece by Piece

Today was a collaborative effort on EVERYONE’S part. We had team-teaching, veteran campers editing published pieces, and elder campers conferencing with younger campers to get our anthology to press. Aside from a few boo-boos, we are ready to print, copy and crunch to be ready for Friday. We have had many mini set-backs but thanks to Shorecrest’s staff, we have recovered little-by-little.

The campers reviewed art to apply what they learned about perspective and point of view earlier in the morning. They wrote from a chess pawn’s perspective in a room full of men, a spider’s perspective running from a cat and even a rock! It was controlled chaos. We are hoping to slow things down tomorrow and regroup before rehearsing in the afternoon for our ceremony. We have many campers so it will take some time for us to read through 34 pieces, but we promise it will be worth it!
Miss Amy is burning DVDs as I type. We will burn a few extra but let me know if you plan on purchasing one (and haven’t turned in a form, yet). Bring your wallets and your tissues to Friday’s show!

Farewell, Jack! (He is headed on a family vacation.) We will miss you, friend.

Quote of the Day: “And they lived happily ever after, I think?”
Lesson Learned: That picture CAN mean a 1000 words!

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