Day 7 at I.C.E. Shorecrest: All Kinds of Adventure

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No it’s…Duke Energy ruining our lives! HA! Just kidding…we wouldn’t let a lil’ ol’ power outage ruin our lives, but it did melt us a little bit. Publishing ceased for a bit, but we have recovered mostly this evening. Fewwww…Miss Tedra shared Joseph Cambell’s idea of “every hero has a journey” before having us create our own super heroes and putting our stories in comic book format. We reviewed onomatopoeias and then…BAM! The power went out. WOOSH! Wifi disappeared and our day slowwwllly ended.Sighhhhhh! Tomorrow, we will try to put this all into perspective! Wink, wink.

Quote of the Day: “Everybody is super in their own way.”
Lesson Learned: Comic Books have certain characteristics that make them their own genre.

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