Dead Words, Revived Stories

Once upon a time…in a land far, far away…some things were GRIMM! But today, things were definitely lighter. Miss Franki led us through how to write a fractured Fairytale and/or a mashed-up tale. She killed SAID (RIP,) and we replaced it with words like: jabbered, enunciated (yep #thesaurusROCK), wailed and declared…to name a few. We ended the day with frantically editing our pieces to round out those Anthology pieces! We are WORKING hard. We are so close.

Congrats to ALL 16 campers who submitted a cover in the contest. It was very difficult to choose. All votes were with in one or two of the previous person. Front Cover will be: Leah, Back Cover will be: Emily, Two Autograph Pages will be: Jack & Charlie!

Quote of the Day: “Said is dead!”
Lesson Learned: There are so many ways to make a Fairytale your own!

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