Moe Writing, Moe Fun

Thursday at Shorecrest was “Moe” fun than we could handle. It was a collaborative writing day, breaking out in groups that morphed into group and/or partner writing that ended in multiples in the author’s chair. We created the setting for Moe’s Diner, invented a few shady characters then gave them a problem to round out the perfect story. We’re well on our way to publishing our two pages for the anthology––so much writing and the energy this year at camp is wonderfully powerful and producing exquisite pieces. So many pieces, in fact, it’s hard to decide which will actually make it into the anthology. A perfect problem to have!

Lesson Learned: Ooops! We have TWO because today was special and unique.
1) When you show not tell, your piece really comes to life. 2. Collaborative writing allows you to fit a bunch of very different ideas into one piece of writing.
Quote of the Day: “The white tiles stained pink for anonymous reasons.”

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