From the Shoes Up

Miss Tedra led the lesson on Characterization today. Where to begin? With shoes of course. We chose an image of a shoe from a pile of hundreds. We sketched our characters from the ground up then added background and description to build a story around him/her. Such imaginative beings populated our stories today. Our pens couldn’t keep up with the thoughts in our heads. There was extended time in the Author’s Chair as a result. To add to the fun, we challenged ourselves to list as many verbs as possible as synonyms to walk: amble, trudge, saunter…the usual suspects. Today, we moved from Revision Buddies to Revision Groups for feedback and fun! We are gathering our pieces to finalize and publish for our anthology. Tomorrow, we will use our skills from sensory writing and developing characters to explore setting. The lessons are scaffolding and the stories are emerging.

Lesson Learned: Drawing characters allows you to visualize and portray them more easily.
Quote of the Day: It’s easy to write, but it’s hard to write right!

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