An Apple a Day

“Apples have sound!” Who knew?

On the second day of Shorecrest, Ms. Betty led us through an activity that tapped into our 5 senses as we closely examined the iconic Granny Smith Apple. We looked, touched, heard, smelled, and tasted our apples and discovered how writers pay attention to detail. The best part was exploring other fruits. Hands down, the most exciting fruit was the dragonfruit. We had fun remembering favorite things and writing about fantasy spaces and dystopias. After looking at verbs, we broke away into revision groups and received and provided feedback to one another like real writers do! Sharing our writing is the heart and magic of ICE Camp and so many new campers jumped into the Author’s Chair.
Lesson Learned: Memories come in fruit.
Quote of the Day: “Life is great,” Same person a minute later. “I AM GONNA DIE!”

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