Our Own Campfire Songs…

Everything was great on day 8! The most exciting part of the day was arrival when we learned that the baby peacocks hatched! Things just got even better after that.  We spent the day learning about the poetry of music.
We wrote about our favorite songs and talked about how important music is in our lives.   We then broke into groups and were given a product that we had to create advertising jingles for. Then we presented them to the group. The songs were so catchy and clever!
Then we partnered up and were tasked with replacing song lyrics with lyrics of our own stories. This was very challenging but fun!
During lunch, we had a fierce game of volleyball and basketball in the gym and a intense game of apples to apples in the classroom. Of course, we jammed out to music during lunch. After lunch we continued to work on our new songs and also worked on our anthology entries.
We had polar cups and you could hear groups humming and singing their new lyrics. It was fun and crazy! People were dancing and singing and clapping all day. We jumped around and were just all sorts of silly today. It was a great day!
Friday is our celebration at 1pm.  The celebration is at the elementary side of Corbett (other side of Orange Grove Road).
The orders for Shout Outs and Anthologies were due today, but we will extend the deadline to tomorrow (Thursday) morning.
Mark your calendar for November 3rd Conference.  Campers will receive their anthologies and orders at our fall conference.  Plus they will have the opportunity to meet a famous writer.
Quote of the Day: “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” – Robert Frost
Lesson Learned:  “Songs are a universal positive language.” -Felize

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